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Aspects of Healing

Aspects of Healing is a part of the EQUALS Group of organisations.

Aspects of Healing is Adelaide's first integrative health centre - an authentic model of health care where the best of western and eastern medicine is combined to achieve optimal results. Our General Medical and Nursing Practitioners, Allied and Complementary Health Therapists work together to customise treatment services for our diverse client and patient group.

Integrated healthcare is a new way of understanding health and sickness, and is more than a mixture of therapeutic healing. The essence of healing is integration, thus integrative healthcare focuses on treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.

How do Aspects of Healing and EQUALS work together?

The two companies work collaboratively to provide authentic industry and clinical experience for students and clients. We create an environment where accredited medical and complimentary health practitioners integrate the best of eastern and western medical practice into nationally accredited and pre vocational health and nursing programs.

If you are a prospective student who wants to learn more, please speak with our Customer Service team on 08 8110 1200 or visit