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Aura-Soma - You are the colours you choose

Understanding how colour affects our thoughts, moods and even emotions is not new; many ancient civilizations understood how colour and light affected our entire well-being. Today, we continue to recognize the effects of colour and light; soft blues being restful, while bright reds and yellows can lift our spirits on a dull day.

The AURA-SOMA Colour-Care-System brings together these 'colour energies' at a profound level. It brings together colour from many aspects of the natural world; minerals, crystals, herbs and plants combine to create a complete colour package.

What can these colours do for us?

Through utilizing the Aura-Soma system, we may enter a new found self-awareness. We can move towards

  • Awakening an enthusiasm for life
  • Finding more ease in our relationships
  • Appreciating ourselves and our talents
  • Experiencing more love and caring in our lives
  • Rebalancing, revitalize and harmonize our energies
  • Reconnecting with our inner selves and intuition

Think of how these benefits could dramatically improve your life; how a sense of ease and comfort within yourself could help you make the most of your gifts, talents and essence of your character. You could move on from the discomfort of being who you think you should be and wake up each day feeling re-energized yet relaxed in who you are.

All of this can be achieved through achieving a greater understanding of who we are. The AURA-SOMA system can aid us with this, and in achieving many of our goals.

What happens during a Consultation?

The best way to discover what the AURA-SOMA Colour-CARE-System can do for you is to receive a consultation. In a consultation, a multitude of coloured bottles are displayed, their jewel like colours shimmering and vibrating before our eyes. The trained Practitioner asks us to choose the four bottles which call to us the most – which bottles would we choose to take to a deserted island?

In a Consultation

The bottles speak of our choices and our journey through "the colour code", revealing aspects of our personality, our gifts and talents, our present situation and our potential – "You are the Colours you Choose and these reflect your being’s needs". We may gain an insight into why things are happening and gain a new perspective on our life’s direction.

We then learn to work with the colours and reach a greater understanding of our Self.

Private Health rebates by accredited Practitioners may apply where eligible