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The aim of Massage Therapy is to help create balance in all systems of the body and mind, and to stimulate energy points to promote blood flow to release tension and energy blocks from muscles and deep tissues. The blocks can misalign the muscular and skeletal system.

When the energy points are stimulated, the tension and energy blocks automatically release, allowing the blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow freely again around the physical and organic body. This creates better functioning of all bodily systems and promotes better health.

Touch is a form of communicating with the body. Not only to build trust with people, but also to show we care. The importance of health is to maintain order between the mind, body and emotions. Massage can be used to assist in maintaining this order and help keep the body in a state of ease. Massage combined with other factors such as good eating habits, gentle regular exercise and learning to take time out from work and stress are ways that good health can be achieved.

Some of the benefits of Massage Therapy include:

  • Prevention of "knotting" in muscles (as a result of an injury)
  • Assistance with muscle tone
  • Aid to the circulation in the body
  • Increase oxygen to the body’s blood supply through dilatation of the blood vessels in the different parts of the body
  • Assistance with breathing
  • Deeper more relaxed inhalation and exhalation
  • Stimulation of the perspiration glands of the skin
  • Aiding the removal of dead skin
  • Reduction of gastric discomfort and constipation
  • Relaxation of muscles assisting in chiropractic and physiotherapy
  • Easing of muscular pain
  • Inducing a state of relaxation which alleviates both mental and physical tension
  • An increase in vitality on all levels – physical, mental and emotional
  • There are a variety of massage specializations. The following provides an overview of our massage therapies. We encourage you to speak with us regarding your needs so that we are able to recommend appropriate treatments.

Private Health rebates by accredited Practitioners may apply where eligible