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Jenny Findlay

Jenny Findlay

Jenny is an intuative healer, who is dedicated to her path to continually learn, evolve and assist others to improve their health and wellbeing on all levels.

She has a great love and passion for nature and the wonderful healing properties and wisdom of the land and the beings in touch with it. Embracing life’s beauty.

She developed her signature fusion modality style with the philosophy of going back to nature, nurturing and beautifying the heart, soul, body and being while using the modern scientific advances we are privy to find harmony between the 2 worlds.

Her techniques have been inspired by and taken from various ancient healing arts. She has extensive experience coming from a background in health and wellness since 2007.

Learning aspects of Ayurvedic, Thai, Hawaiian and energetic healing, often travelling to various sacred places and locations around the world to experience the energies and learn from the cultures and numerous profoundly gifted teachers. Jenny is an accredited Beauty therapist, Clinical skin specialist, Member of AAPT, Hypnosis certified, Reiki master, Oneness Deeksha giver, Kriya initiate and uses various healing energies and modalities to suit the individual. Jenny also produces spiritually inspired art/photography and co-hosts transformational retreats in Thailand.