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“Allow yourself to be pampered using traditional elements of the ancient Vedic teachings, fused with modern, scientifically proven actives to rejuvenate, beautify and balance. Re-emerge radiant, beautiful and peaceful, in the moment, at oneness.”





Radiant Essence Facial

Rejuvenate and beautify with this active Ayurvedic/Cosmeceutical tailored facial with complete attention to detail. Inc- Aura/space clearing, double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, massage, masque, chakra balance, sacred head massage/or arms-hands, moisture, grounding.

1hr - $110

75min with *Clinical Intensive:
Microdermabrasion/Ultrasonic OR Peel - $140


Advanced Aesthetic Facial

The pinnacle for skin transformation, see and feel the results of this intensive and complete facial experience. Skin surface is refined and softened with Microdermabrasion and a natural medi-peel, plant actives and peptides are infused with ultrasonic technology and all the elements of a spa facial bring improvements for aging, dehydration, pigmentation, sun-damage, thin skin, acne and most skin conditions.
Includes everything in the Radiant Facial:
Aura/space clearing, double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, massage, masque, chakra balance, sacred head massage/or arms-hands, intention mist, moisture, grounding.


  • Diamond Microdermabrasion for Face, Neck and Décolletage
  • Clinical Peel (face only).

75mins - $180

*neck décolletage peel +$30
*Monthly treatments are recommended to achieve long term results, packages available.


Refresh Express Facial

For skin that needs a thorough pep up on limited time, this perfect mini treatment will give you a glow. Also the perfect in between treatment as maintenance for Advance Aesthetic Facials.
All the essentials of the full facial, condensed!

30mins - $80
30 mins with mini microdermabrasion, face only - $100


Clinical Intensives

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion- Technology using gentle, electronically aided exfoliation renews, invigorates skin, revealing glowing beauty
  • Ultrasonic Infusion- Safe and complementary ultrasonic frequency activates cells and allows for transportation of actives deep into the dermis, Results are enhanced and maximized!
  • Parinati Passion Flower AHA/PHA Peel– Lactic + Gluconic Acids for renewal and hydration complemented by potent antioxidants and actives including Lycopene, Calendula, Cranberry and Bilberry. Refine, improve texture and reduce sun damage, pigmentation, assists acne, softens lines & wrinkles.
  • Advanced Reveal Peel-. A deeper, 3 level peel for clients with skin that is ready for a more intensive treatment. A combination of ingredients penetrate further to allow a more significant result.

*Some contraindications apply, a professional analysis is required for all new clients and the best, most effective treatment will be advised


Skin Care

Aspects of Healing Spa & Skin treats and beautifies with AWE Ayurvedic Cosmeceuticals - Ancient Wisdom Encapsulated

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality, medical grade skin care solutions based on extensive Ayurvedic studies and the latest Western scientific findings created for you, in a range that is both ethically produced and packaged.??

The superior category of cosmeceutical means products are science-based and the biologically active ingredients they contain deliver real and long lasting beauty benefits, with visible results, usually evident within 28 days.

What we put on our skin is just as important as what we are putting inside our bodies. To see continued improvement and maximise the benefits achieved in treatments, simple and effective homecare products are available and some treatments will require some pre-care to ensure a predictable and positive outcome.


Body & Being

Cherished Heart Massage

Surrender, release and relax. Your energy is balanced and recharged and your body and spirit are soothed and nurtured with the power of touch and sense evoking aromatherapy oils.

60mins - $100
90mins - $145


Sacred Stones Massage

Healing, grounding stones warm your being and melt away muscle tension, cold stones drain fluid retention, reduce lactic acid and inflammation, they also help to balance energy and ground. A beautiful treatment for cold months and anytime you need extra relaxation.

60min - $100
90min - $145


Deep Therapeutic Massage

For sore bodies with extra tension, targeted remedial and deep tissue techniques are applied to assist your body into a more comfortable state and to assist with sports injuries.

30min targeted - $70
60min - $110


Body Scrub

Invigorate sluggish skin and stimulate lymphatic system with this energising and radiance boosting scrub. Finish with a luxurious body crème. This is perfect before a massage.

45mins- $100
75mins Lymphatic combo, 30mins scrub/30mins lymphatic massage with Stimulating body oil- $150


Eastern Mystery Healing Journey

Signature Experience. Be truly immersed in a sacred journey using a variety of the most effective massage and transporting techniques and therapies learnt from many great teachers and places. Your body mind and spirit will be taken deep within the healing temple.?
Using a combination of Ayurvedic, Hawaiian, Thai/Chinese and Sacred Stone Massage with Sound, Crystal-Essence, aromatherapy and Energy Healing.

90mins - $150


Energy Equilibrium

Energetic healing and balancing using Master Reiki, Universal healing and channelled divine energies. Float through a journey of sound, touch, truly heavenly scent and healing.?Using profound, alchemical aura mists, toning, hands on healing and energetic techniques, your energy is cleared, brought back to alignment and re-charged.

45mins - $90

*Other services including beauty waxing available on request.